Elliott Clarice

Successful. High-strung. In over his head.

Elliott – Capitol Hill’s “everyman” – is Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Gracie Todd Englewright (VA-14), a lovely yet ill-suited Member of Congress who was recently appointed as a placeholder to carry out the remainder of her deceased husband’s term of office. Like any self-described competent professional on the Hill, Elliot finds himself surrounded by lunatics – namely, the power-hungry scheduler, Ally Gallagher-O’Connolly, his former boss-turned-lobbyist, Remington Dixwell, the unpredictable “fixer” known simply as Bushwick, and a zany collection of misfit “hill rats” that compose his so-called staff. The new legislative fellow, a foxy Aussie, Nicole Foster, catches Elliott’s attention, but will budding inter-office affections distract Elliott from navigating Washington’s notoriously choppy political waters?

Ally O’Gallagher-Connelly

Hyper-organized. Cunning. Defensive.

As staff scheduler, Ally serves as Congresswoman Englewright’s gatekeeper and ultimate defender. A long-time friend of the family, Ally wields her scheduling powers with an iron fist, to the point of denying appointment requests from fellow staffers. Publicly, Ally maintains an image of calmness and humility. She is well loved by constituents and is known to spend hours on the phone with them. But within the staff, Ally is abrasive, violent, and feared, qualities that are only enhanced given the rather limited projected tenure of the congresswoman’s term.

Nicole Foster

Disciplined. Well-intentioned. Naïve.

Nicole is a smart, ambitious “go-getter” with high ideals and an uncanny work ethic. A native Australian, Nicole came to Washington, D.C., on an academic fellowship. She had intended to learn good governance strategies and return home to advance environmental justice, but an unexpected attraction to her new boss, Elliott Clarice, causes Nicole to question her long-term ambitions.

Rep. Gracie Todd Englewright

Distinguished. Aloof. Out of her element.

Recently widowed, Gracie finds herself unexpectedly appointed to Congress to fill out the remainder of her deceased husband’s term. She is considered by most observers as nothing more than a temporary caretaker– a sympathy appointment intended simply to vote the party line until the next election. But not long after assuming office, Gracie develops other machinations. With a refined taste for scotch and power, Gracie is ready to prove all the pundits wrong.


Spirited. Grizzled. Chemically imbalanced.

Remington Dixwell

Cocksure. Smarmy. Ambitious.
Remington 7
Remington is the stylish, fast-living, hyper-partisan political mouthpiece for “Big Wind.” He parlayed his successful run as Rep. Edgar Englewright’s chief of staff into a sweet, high-rolling gig as executive director of the Coalition for a Breezier Tomorrow. But Remington’s new job was rooted entirely on his connections with his now-deceased former boss, forcing him to reacquaint himself with his old underling, Elliott Clarice, and explore the dynamics of a scorched earth issue advocacy campaign in Virginia’s 14th district.

Gunston Hall aka “Homeschool”

Chivalrous. Quirky. Knows his sci-fi trivia.

Recently elevated from volunteer intern to unpaid junior staffer, Gunston spends most of his time crafting cryptic, form letter responses to the constituents. Unbeknownst to the office, Gunston falsified his academic records to get his foot in the door and is currently enrolled in night school at a local community college to finish his associate degree.

Larry Csonka

Dude-ish. Dense. Loyal.
Another carry-over from the deceased member’s staff, Larry lacks a marketable skill-set, though he has a knack for candor with the constituents. But at least he knows where to find the cheapest happy hours in town.

Kate Gillespie

Quiet. Reflective. Skeptical.

A freshly minted junior associate legislative correspondent, Kate is as surprised as anyone that she landed a full-time gig on the Hill. But how will she balance life as a full-time “hill rat” with her dream of founding an international nonprofit – Tattoo Artists Without Boarders?

Wave Michaels

Self-Righteous. Disheveled. Reporter-like.
A Pulitzer Prize-nominated new media journalist for the Hill gossip site PolitiBuzz, Wave is always in pursuit of the next Watergate and/or shark-attack story. Wave routinely goes days without bathing. He enjoys Indian food and regret.